About PuzPix

PUZPIX is a fascinating social media game based on GOPHERINSIGHT™ technology licensed by Gopher Protocol, Inc (GOPH).

A puzzle game, it uses a computerized framework to create a puzzle from images that users upload onto the system’s server. The user creates an account and has the option to store images in the FRIENDS area and/or in the ALL (Public) area. Only approved friends have access to the images in the FRIENDS area, whereas all players have access to the ALL area.

Upon the user’s request, the system turns an image into a puzzle of at least nine pieces, though more challenging puzzles can be made from many more pieces. The user has thirty seconds to assemble the image. If the player assembles the pieces incorrectly, the image disappears! If correct, the player is rewarded with points!

The interface can provide clues that allow the player to solve the puzzle without seeing the solution. This offers a greater challenge and conserves screen space, too. This of course can be particularly important for smart phones while on the go.

The game also allows for a relatively small, or even single, number of puzzle-piece shapes and sizes. Seeing parts of the puzzle along a grid can also help the game. A small number of randomly selected pieces can be displayed, without all the unused pieces being shown. The user can determine where to place each piece independently, based upon the surrounding image information. This saves space and also eliminates sorting pieces.

If playing with friends or community members, others see the image for thirty (30) seconds. The viewer must then assemble the image within this time period. Incorrect assembly of the image causes it to disappear. But don’t despair – the image will become available for another try in one (1) hour!

PUZPIX offers entertainment, education, interaction – and most off all, fun. The experience is even more fun when two or more players collaborate on the same puzzle.

The game can be rewarding and, well, maybe even addictive! The system offers high-quality sound effects, tactile feedback, and other experiences that make it all the more rewarding.

PUZPIX is an exciting joint venture between GOPH and Alpha EDA Design, LLC.
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